How Will First-Pick QB Trevor Lawrence Fit With the Jaguars’ Offense?

Trevor Lawrence with Clemson in 2020
Trevor Lawrence with Clemson in 2020. Photo by John Mersits/CSM/Shutterstock

Trevor Lawrence has officially been selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars as the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The quarterback phenom from Clemson was the favorite to be selected number one, given that he’s one of the biggest prospects we’ve seen in years. We’re all expecting great things from him. But how will he fit in with the Jaguars’ offense?

Every offense, NFL or otherwise, has a very specific DNA. Lawrence thrived in Clemson’s highly scripted offense, going through their predetermined routes and reads effectively and effortlessly. He was a coach’s dream, because not only could he be relied upon to run the offensive routes correctly, but he did it with such precision that he translated it into success on the field.

With Jacksonville, Lawrence will be under the helm of offensive coordinator Darrel Bevell, and passing game coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Will they be able to help Lawrence grow as a player?

According to Urban Meyer, Bevell was able to do just that with a young Russell Wilson when he had just entered the league: “His ability to get Russell Wilson in the NFL and performing at a high level rather quickly was a big reason why he’s here,” said Meyer.

If Bevell can do the same with Lawrence, we might see him rise in the league quicker than some would normally expect.

And yet, although it’s highly likely that Lawrence will be the starting QB come Week 1, nothing’s set in stone. Meyer had this to say on the matter: “The most important thing for Trevor is to learn the offense, it’s not to sell billboards around the state of Florida.”

Rookies need to be nurtured, and the question is whether or not Jacksonville and Lawrence will be a good fit. Then again, Lawrence might be so darn talented that it won’t even matter. Whether he’s selling billboards or not, we’ll be as ready as anyone to see how he performs in the trenches.